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In one of the largest studios in the South West we pay attention to the smallest details to ensure a successful photographic shoot. This is a place where expertise and capacity combine to ensure that every photographic eventuality can be planned and catered for. We want you to leave us feeling happy and inspired with confidence, sure of a welcome and rewarding return.

Mike Evans Photography


An image is a visual message, which can persuade, inform and evoke emotions. At Mike Evans Photography we believe in harnessing this power to reach your chosen audience. By properly understanding your objectives we will create images that deliver your message and demand attention.

A picture speaks a thousand words.

Mike Evans Photography


Mike's photographic expertise will bring fresh eyes to a familiar world. His images can bring a new perspective to your business by making the ordinary appear extraordinary. Mike has the technical ability and experience to make this happen. He has a reputation for exceptional lighting. Whether in the studio, or on location, an eye for composition and Mike's precise use of light and shadow can work together to realise the potential of the visual dimension.

Mike Evans Photography


Good photography is about a unique combination. Your specialist knowledge and our photographic expertise. Only when these two combine can we create images that will move your business forward.

Beyond the frame we have sourced a creative and proven team of professionals who we can work with to achieve your goals. From our experienced in house stylist to set builders and home economists, we have the team to create powerful images.

So, it's not just about me. It's mostly about you and your objectives and how the expertise and facilities at Mike Evans Photography can work for you.

Together we'll bring out the very best in your business.

Mike Evans Photography


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